Kidney Disease in Cats


Some cats fall victim to renal disorder that affects their health badly. Kidney disorder in cats has four stages, which are Nonazometic CKD (stage 1), Mild Renal (stage 2) Azotemia, Moderate Renal Azotemia (stage 3), and Severe Renal Azotemial (stage 4). The survival ability of the cat depends upon the severeness of the kidney disorder. With chronic renal failure, cats die within months. Symptoms of end-stage kidney disorder include sunken eyes of the cat, inability to walk, blindness, and running and hiding away. Semintra is an angiotensin receptor blocker that helps treat chronic renal failure in cats. Vitamin injections and some other medications can also cure the disorder. Surgery is the ultimate option to remove the renal blockage in cats. Do not use any kind of medication without consulting a veterinary expert.

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