Terms and Conditions

Welcome to dvmcentral.com The terms and conditions we will reveal here will apply to using all our services. In fact, mobile application users are bound to follow this user agreement. You will comply to agree with all the terms and conditions when accessing and utilizing our services.

Please be counseled that the user agreement consists of provisions that how it claims you and how they are resolved. If you do not opt-out, we can permit you to pursue any claim against our agents individually or in representative action. In addition, you will be permitted to have relief against monetary or declaratory relief. Please ensure that the conditions are read judiciously. DVM Central is specifically designed for the secure selling and buying of veterinary medical supplies.

About DVM Central:

DVM Central is a platform that assists users in selling and buying a variety of veterinary medical supplies utilizing a broad pricing format. The guidance of DVM Central is included as our part of services, listing, shipping, pricing, and other sourcing is exclusively informational, and you can decide whether to follow it or not. We may assist in resolving disputes between sellers and buyers through several programs. However, DVM Central does not guarantee the quality, safety, and other legal terms of the items advertised by the other vendors on our site. However, the information provided on the product listing site will be accurate. In addition, the buyer or seller will complete the transaction, or they have to return the item.

Using DVM Central:

On account of accepting our User Agreement, you agree to follow DVM Central policies, terms and conditions, laws, rules, and regulations. Consequently, you are bound to be mindful of the following:

  • There is no room for breaking or violating our code of conduct, rules, or third-party rights. This also encompasses our policies, Services, systems, and transactional accounts.
  • If you are a minor, have a criminal record, or are under trade sanctions so you are automatically barred from signing legally binding contracts with DVM Central.
  • According to our DVM Central policy, you are liable to deliver the items sold by you through our platform. We offer relaxation in case you have a valid reason for not delivering the items.
  • Any attempt to undermine our ratings, customer feedback, and reviews are not acceptable.
  • Any kind of price or stock manipulation is deemed illegal according to our policies.
  • Any activity or action that puts DVM Central credibility at stake is strictly not allowed.
  • You are instantly off the list if you are found guilty of malicious and conspiracy acts.
  • Transferring of DVM Central account and ID without our consent is illegal.
  • You are not authorized to create listings or upload content in irrelevant categories on our website.
  • Use of any technology or software that harms the functionality of DVM Central is prohibited.
  • You are not permitted to access, gather, extract or share our confidential information by any means, except with the permission of DVM Central.
  • Any kind of violation or breach of intellectual property rights can land you in trouble.
  • Involvement in any act or plan that defames, deceives or misleads the third party is not allowed.
  • Do not post, share or associate any kind of false and unrelated information with our DVM Central portal.
  • Without a valid reason, you are bound to make the payments of purchased items in view of our DVM Central policy.
  • It is strictly prohibited to share DVM Central information without consent for profit and commercial gains.
  • Unfair activities like changing the product price after order confirmation, keyword manipulation, or the use of bots to drive more traffic are against the law.
  • Serious legal action will be taken if users collect and use someones personal data and information without permission.
  • Do not try to harm or manipulate another sellers ratings or listings.
  • You cannot send junk emails, spam messages, or pyramid schemes.

Infringement of any policy or violation of the law can cost you a lot in the long run, such as drop off from the listings, paying a penalty for wrongdoing, or removal of selling rights.

Policy Enforcement:

When an issue arises related to the buyer or seller, we will contemplate the users performance history. Also, the circumstances of applying policies are noticed. We can choose to make our policies lenient and assist our buyers and sellers in doing the right thing. However, the policies will not be impaired or limit the rights for refusing, modifying, or terminating all kinds of services to any buyer or seller. But to terminate anyone on our agreement will depend on us.

Listing Guidelines:

All DVM Central sellers are bound to follow and agree to our following listing policies:

  • You are fully accountable for the enlisted product information, quality and description.
  • The product listing may not instantly appear on the search results for several hours. Your patience is required on this platform.
  • We have an automatic monthly renewal policy for fixed-price listings
  • The images, videos, and text policy should comply with our given product listing policy.
  • Any content that violates our DVM Central policy will be automatically removed or changed at our sole discretion.
  • We may frequently revise the product listing for the purpose of correcting, modifying, or adding new data.
  • We aim to create a digital marketplace that helps buyers to explore and purchase the product of their choice. Hence, the appearance of your product listing in the search field depends upon the following factors:
    • Buyers geographical data, browsing site, and the search history
    • Listing pattern, shipping fee, terms and conditions, listing duration, and relevance to the search results
    • Sellers credibility, policy compliance, and customers feedback
    • Number of listings corresponding to the buyers inquiry
  • On our platform, at times, your product listing may not frequently appear on the search bar to give the users a positive user experience.
  • Only some of our services will provide accessibility to advanced listing upgrades.
  • To avoid the appearance of identical items from the same sellers DVM Central duplicate listing policy automatically filters out your product listing.
  • We suggest you opt for multiple auction styles so your product listing appears in the search results.
  • We may remove or change the product listing meta description or URL link.
  • For improved performance and results, we also provide guidelines on how to create the listings. Its based on the performance insights of similar old and currently listed items. According to DVM Central listing policy, we may also display or share your performance insights with the other sellers.
  • We follow a specific payment method for items that fall under a certain category, program, or are sold at a fixed price point. For more queries and information, visit our payment methods policy.
  • We discourage and immediately remove the listed items that are in direct contradiction with or prohibited by our state law. Similarly, our policy bars the sale of items that pose potential safety and health hazards to consumers.
  • DVM Central is not accountable for the safety and performance of the listed or the selling items. We dont vouch for the credibility of the recalled products. Therefore, our Services are not responsible for any non-conformity or mishap associated with your listed or sold items on our platform.
  • We may make certain amendments on the website, services, application, and other DVM Central tools to promote or publish your products listing. Moreover, changes can also be made to the related content information like username, product description, reviews, and feedback.

Please review our terms and conditions related to privacy, which oversees your DVM Central Services usage, to understand our services/ practices.

Electronic communications:

When you utilize the DVM Central services or send e-mails, messages, communications from the computer or mobile phone to us, you will be communicating with us through electronic terms. You consent to get every communication from us by electronic means, including texts, mobile push notices, text, or messages on our site. Also, our message support center will let you retain complete copies of the electronic communication for maintaining the records. You have to agree on all notices, disclosures, agreements, and all communications that we deliver to satisfy any legal requirements.


All the content that is included in or shown through any DVM Central services, such as graphics, logos, text, images, video clips, button icons, digital downloads, software, and data compilations, is only the property of DVM Central or their suppliers and protected under the international copyright laws. As well, the compilation of the content included in or made accessible through DVM Central Service is solely the property of DVM Central.


Our trademarks are the logos, button icons, scripts, page headers, service names, or any service available through any DVM Central platform. Besides, DVM Central’s trademarks will not be used in link with any service or product that does not belong to us. Apart from that, the other trademarks that are not owned by DVM Central will appear as the property of their respective owners who are affiliated with, sponsored by, or connected to DVM Central.


The patents owned under DVM Central comply with our services. Plus, their features and services are wholly accessible via the DVM Central services. All the sellers of DVM Central operate under the licence of one or more patents.

Purchase Conditions:

When purchasing an item using the DVM Central services, you agree to all the rules and conditions for the buyers that include the following:

  • You are highly responsible for reading the complete item listing before making a submission or offer, committing to buy or buying an item.
  • When you enter a legally binding contract to buy any item, commit to purchasing that specific one. Then, your proposal for the specified item will be accepted, or you will get the winning bid.
  • We do not transfer the legal proprietorship of any item from the vendor to the buyer.
  • The specific code applies to transfer the ownership between the seller and buyer, except if the purchaser or vendor agrees otherwise.
Additional Terms:
Returns And Cancellations For Sellers

Under specific circumstances, the sellers can create rules for returns, replacements, automate, and refunds. For all the new sellers, in the product listings where refunds and returns are accepted. DVM Central will set a specific rule that can automate the return process. Plus, the sellers may customize and remove the return preferences in the account settings. The settings have been set to automatic for replacement and returns; a DVM Central return shipping label will be granted to that specific buyer. Of course, you have to agree to comply with other return policies.

When an item is returned or if any transaction is cancelled after the complete payment, DVM Central should issue a refund to that specific buyer on behalf of the seller. Plus, charge the seller for the refund amount. In addition, DVM Central can charge sellers for the return and shipping labels. Or other reasonable fees from the sellers.

  • The seller missed the mark to send the buyer a shipping label. So instead, a generated shipping label of DVM Central is used.
  • The returns have been automatically done.
  • The DVM Central generated shipping return is already used, and the seller is entirely responsible for their cost.
  • The sold item is not described in the products listing, and it is returned as per the policies of DVM Central.
  • A DVM Central return shipping label is utilized, and the seller is accountable for their cost.

DVM Central payment entities should invoice sellers for the cost and gather the charges as labelled in the term payments. All cancelled orders must be in accordance with the order cancellation policy.

Returns And Cancellations For Buyers

Generally, buyers do not have the right to cancel the order. The buyers have the choice to cancel the order within the specified duration. Also, buyers can request to reject an order on the DVM Central within the specified time duration policy. The seller has three days to decline and accept the request. However, for an order that is not possible to cancel, buyers can be permitted to return the item if it falls in the category of the return policy.

In some instances, a buyer is accountable for the return shipping cost for any products item to a seller. The buyer is elected for the return shipping costs and the purchasing shipping label straightaway from a carrier. By picking the DVM Central shipping label, you agree that DVM Central may be deducting the shipping label cost from the refund payable to you.

Payment Services:

DVM Central payment policies provide clear guidelines to the buyers and sellers for ensuring smooth and consistent access to the payment accounts. We offer three types of payment accounts:

  • Personal account
  • Business account
  • Seller account
Approved Payment Policies

We only offer those payment methods that provide utmost security to the buyers and sellers. Therefore, for safe experience the following payment mode is not allowed:

  • Payments through Western Union or Moneygram
  • Cash transfer through email

On the other hand, payments through the following platforms are accepted by DVM Central platform:

  • PayPal
  • Apple pay
  • Google pay
  • Credit or debit card
  • Bank cash transfers
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Electronic payment methods for payment upon pickup
  • Outstanding Payment Policy

Buyers are liable to pay for the purchased items on the DVM Central platform within the time duration of 4 days. In case of non-payment, the seller shall cancel the order and outstanding cancellation shall be automatically uploaded to the buyers account.

Policy To Buy Or Sell Outside The DVM Central

Before the completion of the transaction on DVM Central, the buyers and sellers are not allowed to share their email addresses and phone numbers. Moreover, buying or selling outside the DVM Central platform is not allowed.

Our Fees And Tax Policy
  • According to our policy, you are liable to pay the applicable fee whenever you use our Services. In case of a payment dispute, we can change the fee at any time without any limitation. Its important to note that at DVM Central, all transactions, charges, and fees are expressed in US currency. The fee is charged the moment we process the transaction.
  • According to our deduction and collection clause, we are entitled to deduct the amount from the balance you owe us or any of our third parties. In case we dont opt for the former clause so you will have to pay us the due amount immediately. You also agree to pay for all the expenses related to payment collection, court costs, agency fees, and other legal expenses.
  • You are responsible for providing authentic and up-to-date information about Taxes to the concerned tax authority.
  • DVM Central is not legally responsible for determining whether the taxes apply or not.
  • We are also not responsible for calculating, monitoring, or collecting any taxes on your transactions.
Important Note
  • At DVM Central, we accept the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and Visa. We proudly offer the dvmcentral.com storecard for special and selected merchants.
  • We do not accept payments through gift cards. You can avail of this gift card at dvmcentral.com and other related sites.
Licence And Access:

DVM Central or its other vendors will grant a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, and non-sublicensable licence to make personal and non-commercial use of DVM Central services.

DVM Central licences do not include any commercial use or resale of our service or their contents; any product listing, description, price, and collection. Any derivative use of the DVM Central service, including the copying, or downloading, or use of account information for the benefits of 3rd party; or use of data mining, similar to gathering data, and extracting ways. All the rights are granted to the user under the specific conditions of using any DVM Central services. As well, the service terms are retained by DVM Central or their suppliers, rightsholders, and other content creators or providers.

No DVM Central service, nor any category of the DVM Central service, should be copied, reproduced, sold, visited, resold, or exploited for any purpose, especially for commercial purposes, without the express written consent of DVM Central. Plus, you cannot utilize the framing techniques to enclose logo, trademark, or any other proprietary information regarding the images, text, layout of the page, or form). Please do not use any hidden text or meta tags utilizing the name of DVM Central or their trademarks without our consent. Thus, you should not use the DVM Central services only as allowable by the commandment. Plus, the licences granted by DVM Central dismiss if you cannot comply with the terms and conditions or any service terms.

Reviews, Comments, Communications, And Other Content:

You may add reviews, photos, comments, videos, and other content. For instance, you can submit your suggestions, ideas, questions, information, etc. However, the content should not be legal, defamatory, threatening, infringing intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy, injurious to third parties, objectionable, and should not contain software viruses. In fact, the content should not have any form of spam or unsolicited e-message. Also, keep in mind the e-mail address should not be false, misleading, or impersonating any entity or person. DVM Central has the right to remove or edit any kind of content but do not review the content often.

If you are posting content or submitting material, you will be granting DVM Central a royalty-free, irrevocable, and completely sublicensable right to use, adapt, publish, reform, translate, and create derivative works from, display such content throughout the world from any mass media.

Not only that, you grant DVM Central the right to use the name as well as submit the content if they permit. You warrant as well as represent that it is owned by you and have the control of all rights for the content that is posted; that it is entirely correct. Plus, the content you are using does not disrupt our policies and will not cause injury to any entity. And that you will indemnify DVM Central for all entitlements resulting from all the content you supply. DVM Central has the right, but they are not obligated to edit and monitor any kind of activity. DVM Central is not responsible and undertakes no liability for the posted content by any third party or you.

Intellectual Property Complaints:

DVM Central respects the property of all vendors. However, if you doubt that your intellectual property regarding any product is being invaded, please inform us.

Risk Of Loss:

All the acquisitions of the items from DVM Central are following the shipment contract. Therefore, it means the risk of losing any item is quite less, and the title for such items will pass on to you at the delivery to the transporter.

Returns, Refunds & Title:

DVM Central does not take designation to the returned items until the specific item arrives at our contentment center. At our decision, a refund may be proceeded without possessing a return. DVM Central does not take labels for the refunded item. Please check our return policy for more information regarding the returns and refunds.

Product Descriptions:

DVM Central attempts to become as precise as possible. Nevertheless, DVM Central does not permit that product description, or any other content listed on DVM Central is dependable, error-free, accurate, or reliable. Therefore, if a product presented by DVM Central itself is not described, your individual duty is to return it without using the item at all.


The “list price” indicates the suggested selling price of the item as provided by a supplier, vendor, or manufacturer. We frequently check on the list prices against the prices commonly found on Vet, Tech, and other vendors. Some of the products may have a tag of “Was Price” shown, which is noticed according to the recent price history of a certain product of DVM Central.

In accordance with the products that are sold by DVM Central, we cannot confirm the price of any product until you make the purchase. Despite our best efforts, a minor number of the products in our collection may be mispriced.

If the correct price of the item is vended by DVM Central is higher than the standard price, we will either contact you before shipping the item, or we may cancel the order. Also, you will get a notification if the order is cancelled. Generally, we do not charge your debit/credit card until after your order enters the shipping process.

Site/ App Permissions:

When you use our site on your device, you may grant permission to us to use it on your device. Mostly, mobile devices offer you all the information about site permissions.

Sanctions And Export Policy:

You should not use any DVM Central service if you are the subject of North American country’s sanctions. Thus, you must comply with all North American export as well as re-export restrictions that are applied to the products, including the DVM Central Software, services, and technology.

Disclaimer Of Warranties And Restriction Of Liability:

We ensure that our services are entirely secure and function appropriately, but we cannot provide a guarantee for the continuous operation to grant access to our services. Also, offer updates and ensure that the functionality does not delay at all.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree that using any of our services will be at your own risk. Plus, it should be according to the extent permitted by the pertinent law; we do not include all implied warranties and conditions.

In addition to this, to the permitted extent by law, in no occasion DVM Central (including our affiliates, and their agents, or employees) is liable to you and other parties in equity for any consequential losses, including the loss of money, goodwill, profits, intangible losses, indirect, or consequential damages. In fact, the damages and losses are specifically excluded in the agreement whether it was predicted, or we advised for any such loss or damage.

Likewise, we are not accountable for any loss (including our subsidiaries, employees, agents, directors, and affiliates), and you have to agree that we are not responsible for any damages, including the loss of money, reputation, profits, intangible losses, or any other kind of loss resulting indirectly or directly from the following ways:

  • The content which you will provide directly or indirectly using DVM Central services.
  • Your usage of or any inability to use our services.
  • Shipping format, pricing, and guidance provided by DVM Central.
  • Disruption or any delay in the DVM Central services.
  • Malicious software or any virus found by clicking or connecting to our services.
  • Bugs, errors, glitches, inaccuracies of any type in the services of DVM Central.
  • Damage to the hardware device by using the site or any of our services.
  • The actions, content, or inactions of the 3rd parties include the items that are listed using our services.
  • The destruction of the allegedly bogus items.
  • Any action or suspension taken with respect to our breach or account by using the DVM Central section mentioned above.
  • The manner or the duration in which the listings will appear in the search results should be set out accordingly as per the listing conditions.
  • You have to modify the content, practices, behaviour, or any kind of damage and incapability to do business due to the result of changes to these terms and conditions or any of our policies.

Some of the dominions do not permit the repudiation of warranties or damage exclusion, so such disclaimers might not apply to your services. Regardless of the above guidelines, if we are liable to you and other third parties, which is limited to any amounts due under the DVM Central for Money Back Guarantee as per the price and item sold for on the DVM Central and applicable sales tax are, and shipping costs are also included.

Legal Disputes:

Any claim relating in any possible way to your usage of DVM Central service can be arbitrated in the state or federal courts.

You and DVM Central agree that any dispute at equity or law that arise, or might be arising, between you and DVM Central or any related vendors corresponds towards our terms and conditions, your access to our services, the actions, or services sold or bought through the services, will be utterly resolved in compliance with the requirements set forth in this legal dispute area.

In this section of disputes, the term third-party includes the DVM Central’s respective sellers, affiliates, parent companies, as well as the respective employees and agents of DVM Central.

Applicable Law:

By utilizing any DVM Central service, you agree with the laws of North American states, without regarding the principles of conflict of laws. We will govern the terms of use and check disputes of any kind that will arise between you and DVM Central.

Site Policies, Modification, And Severability:

Kindly review the other policies that are crucial to know. All the policies also oversee your usage of DVM Central services. We standby the right to make any changes on our site, services, terms, or conditions of use at any instance. Besides, the conditions could be supposedly severable and might not affect the enforceability or cogency of the existing conditions.