SpO2 Monitors

SpO2 monitors, or pulse oximeters, are must-have items on veterinary equipment. They effectively measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). These noninvasive instruments allow for a simple and painless evaluation of whether or not your pet's blood effectively carries oxygen throughout its body.

Veterinary professionals use SpO2 monitors for various purposes in their veterinary practices, including:

  • Respiratory Monitoring
  • Anesthetic Management
  • Critical Care
  • Post-Operative Care

The concept of pulse oximetry was first invented in the second half of the 20th century. The first devices were too big and costly for the average individual to afford easily. Technological advances have allowed the creation of tiny, suitable fingers and inexpensive SpO2 monitors, now available in veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Types of SpO2 Monitors:

  • Spot-Check Monitors

These handheld devices provide a quick snapshot of SpO2 levels at a specific time.

  • Continuous Monitoring Monitors

These monitors offer ongoing SpO2 readings, often integrated with other vital sign monitors.

When choosing the right SpO2 monitor, the following parameters should be considered;

  • Portability
  • Display Features
  • Animal Size

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