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    Product Description

    Cloward Rongeur IVD is a major surgical instrument used in spinal and neurosurgical procedures. It has a turned curvature with a sharp cupped tip. The design of Cloward Rongeur makes it ideal for performing neural surgeries without any error.Cloward Rongeur IVD is a surgical instrument for spine procedures. It has a ring handle which makes the handling of the tool convenient. In addition, the sharp-edged, scoop-shaped tip allows reaching delicate areas during surgery. The serrated jaws provide a firm grip to hold bone structures. The surgeon can use Cloward Rongeur to widen the surgery site. It is available in variation according to angles, up, down, and straight. The robust structure and ergonomic design make these tools more valuable.

    • Ring style handle
    • Angle variation
    • Serrated jaws
    • Love Kerriso

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