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    NuMed Industries Wound Care

    Product Description

    Composite dressings are wound covers that combine physically distinct components into a single product to provide multiple functions, such as a bacterial barrier, absorption and adhesion. Usually, they are comprised of multiple layers and incorporate a semi- or non-adherent pad that covers the wound. They may also include an adhesive border of non-woven fabric tape or transparent film. They can function as either a primary or a secondary dressing on a wide variety of wounds and may be used with topical medications. Composite dressings are suitable for use in most health care settings Including treatments for acute wounds in emergency care (cuts, burns, and abrasions), surgery (surgical Incisions), and intensive care (I.V. catheter sites), as well as, chronic wounds (superficial and partial Thickness wounds) in long-term care.

    NuMed Bordered Wound Dressing combines a ventilated non woven fabric top that is coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive for a gentle fixative border with an absorbent non adherent pad. The soft absorbent island pad allows for the lateral spread of fluids to maximize absorbency and reduce risk of maceration. Moisture vapor permeability combined with nonsensitizing adhesive allows the wound and skin under the dressing to breath. The non adherent pad surface leaves the wound site undisturbed, reducing pain and wound trauma during dressing changes.


    • Latex free hypoallergenic composite wound dressing
    • Semi-occlusive layer prevents external contamination
    • Highly absorbent non adherent pad minimizes the number of dressing changes
    • Drainage can be monitored without removing the dressing
    • Moisture vapor permeability allows the wound and skin under dressing to breath
    • Nonsensitizing adhesive border allows dressing to stay in place longer


    NuMed Bordered Wound Dressing is indicated for use as a primary dressing for:

    • Pressure ulcers (stages I – III)
    • Surgical incisions and excisions
    • Skin tears
    • Lacerations
    • Infected and non infected wounds
    • Wounds with low to moderate drainage
    • Donor sites

    May also be used as a secondary dressing over gels and alginates.


    1. NuMed Bordered Wound Dressing is not indicated for heavily draining wounds
    2. Should signs of irritation, maceration or sensitivity appear, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional. 

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