DVM Central Expo: March Edition with 2 CE Credits

DVM Central Expo: March Edition with 2 CE Credits
Mar 6, 2024
2:00 PM (US Eastern Time)
Veterinarian & Technician Training,
CE Credits:
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Join us on March 6th for an exclusive educational experience and earn free CE credits.
About this Course
Learning Objectives

Welcome to DVM Central Expo: March Edition

The DVM Central Expo 2024 is a comprehensive online event that promises an invaluable opportunity for veterinarians seeking to expand their knowledge and stay updated in their practice.


This interactive online expo has the following learning opportunities for the attendees. There will be two CE webinars with raffles/giveaways and a Q&A session.

02: 00-2:15 PM
Introducing DVM Central
Asking some regular questions

02:15-3:15 PM
Dr. Jan Bellows Session

03:15-3:30 PM

03:30-4:30 PM
Dr. Jeff Mayo Session

04:30-4:45 PM

1st CE Webinar

Topic: Complications of Tooth Extraction: Avoidance and Management

Speaker: Dr. Jan Bellows (DVM, DABVP, DAVDC)

This webinar will address the avoidance and management of common complications that can occur during tooth extraction, including:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Jaw fractures
  • Incomplete tooth removal
  • Inadvertent trauma to adjacent tooth structures

Management strategies include:

  • Use of hemostatic agents to control bleeding
  • Application of coat buttons to stabilize mandibular fractures
  • Techniques to identify and remove residual root fragments
  • Criteria to determine when extraction of an iatrogenic injured adjacent tooth is necessary

2nd CE Webinar

Topic: Radiosurgery to the Rescue: Brachycephalic Breathing Gone Bad

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Mayo (DVM, DABVP C/F, MANZCVS-Surgery)

In this topic, Dr. Jeff Mayo will discuss the innovative use of radiosurgery in addressing respiratory issues in brachycephalic breeds. 
The attendees will discover how this progressive technique can revolutionize treatment outcomes and improve patient care.

Giveaway/Raffle and Q&A Session

After the webinars, the attendees will get a chance to win exciting prizes in our giveaway/raffle segment! 

Plus, they can engage in a lively Q&A session with our expert speakers to seek clarification, share their insights, and deepen their understanding of the topics.

Don't Miss Out!

The DVM Central Expo: March Edition is a must-attend event for veterinary professionals and technicians looking to improve their practice. 

Register now to secure your spot and embark on a learning, networking, and professional growth journey. 

We look forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary event!

Please note that all times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST). The agenda is subject to change without prior notice.