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G08-01 B
Knife Handle No. 3, Blue Coated
G10-27 B
Mayo Dissecting Scissors Straight 6 3/4", Blue Coated
G10-39 B
Metzenbaum Scissors 7" Curved, Blue Coated
G12-06 B
Thumb Tissue Forceps 5" 1x2 Teeth, Blue Coated
G12-26 B
Brown Adson Forceps 4 3/4", 7x7 Teeth, Blue Coated
G11-02 B
Halsted Mosquito Forceps 4 3/4", Curved, Blue Coated
G11-04 B
Kelly Hemostatic Forceps 5 1/2" Curved, Blue Coated
G11-50 B
Rochester Carmalt Forceps Curved 6 1/4" Blue Coated
G11-26 B
Backhaus Towel Clamps 3 1/2" Blue Coated
G11-20 B
Allis Tissue Forceps 6" 4x5 Teeth, Blue Coated
G501-01 B
Snook Overiectomy Hooks 8", Blue Coated
G17-55 B
Olsen Hegar Needle Holder Scissors Combination 6 1/2" Serrated, Tungsten Carbide - Blue Coated

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Product Description

Several studies prove that the masking tape was not sterilizable properly. Thus, it caused bacteria to drop into the patient’s wounds. This major issue was recognized and solved by surgeons after brainstorming an excellent and secure alternative, fetching out the first color-coated canine & feline spay pack!

All the canine & spay/ neuter pack instruments are now recognizable at a glimpse. There is no need to apply marking tape. Plus, the color coating does not peel off and does not get damaged by sterilization. This Blue coated veterinary canine & feline spay pack is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing several surgical instruments to perform canine and feline spay/ neuter surgical procedures. A remarkable combination of surgical instruments in this pack fulfils the requirements for spaying and neutering felines of all ages. Also, you can customize this set according to your surgical or clinical requirements.

GerVetUSA is a surgical instrument manufacturer, not a distributor. This makes us unique because when surgeons face common problems such as developing a new product or customizing the item to their specific needs, we’ll get the job done right away. It allows them to do their job more effectively with ease.

  • Safer Alternative To Marking Tape
  • Easily Identifiable Instruments
  • Cost-Efficient Alternative To Re-Buying/Reapplying Tape

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