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Product Description

All of our Digital X-ray Tables are designed for cost-effectiveness, workflow efficiency, and minimum footprint. Your return on investment hinges upon the durability of the equipment which is why we've partnered with the industry's leading manufacturers. Thus results in minimum equiptment downtime especially when supported by the fast response from our knowledgeable in-house service team.

Many of our Companion Animal Digital X-ray Tables models are used worldwide in animal care facilities including general practice, specialty hospitals, 24-hour emergency hospitals, humane societies, zoos, military VTFs, and Vet colleges. In addition, many veterinary schools train their students on these systems because of their ease of use and durability in Companion Digital Radiography.

Four-way float top table for maxium efficentcy with multiple Generator and Panel options available!

  • High-Frequency Generator:
    • 20 kHz High-Frequency technology; 30 kW rating
    • Two-point technique selection (kVp, mAs); kVp range: 40 – 125, in 1 kV increments
    • mA stations: 50s, 100s, 100L, 300L
    • Digital kVp, mA, and mAs readout
    • Tilt-out control panel
    • Built-in tube protection and self-diagnostics
    • Adjustable volume, audible exposure signal
    • Automatic generator “Shut Off” circuit
    • Tilt-out control panel • UL classified
  • Systems compatible with most digital imaging systems
  • Tables / Tubestands: Enclosed, are integrated radiographic tables with welded base construction and including transformer mounting shelf, grid cabinet / tubestand interlock, animal restraining device, and more.
  • X-ray Tube: 1.0-2.0 mm F.S., 140,000 H.U. with 90° horns.
  • Cables: 12 ft. high voltage cables with federal terminations
  • Collimator: Manual collimator with light field and swivel mount, Field light “on” time – selectable 30, 60, 90, or 120 seconds; Radiation leakage well below Federal standards for human medical systems.

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